Prospectus and Register of Interest

As the Headteacher of Lothersdale Primary School, it is important to me that the school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and offers children exciting opportunities to develop their full potential.

At Lothersdale Primary School we recognise that children have individual needs and our aim is to encourage every child to achieve their full potential. Our children are happy and their parents very supportive. Our school has a track record of consistently reaching very high results. Our achievements have been recognised by Ofsted in January 2006, October 2008 and, most recently, July 2014 when we have been judged ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, with no significant areas for improvement:

• Achievement of pupils
• Quality of teaching
• Behaviour and safety of pupils
• Leadership and management

In 2009 we gained the prestigious Arts Mark Gold Award for the second time. In 2010 we gained the Dyslexia Quality Mark, the highest level of The Inclusion Quality Mark, the Enhanced Healthy Schools Status, Global Schools Award Level 1 and Fairtrade Status. In 2011 we achieved the Silver Eco Schools award and in 2013 we achieved the prestigious Green Flag Status. In 2016 we achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games’ Gold Kitemark, which recognised the high level of physical activity that the school promotes. In 2017 the school received the 'Woodland' Gold award which recognised the school's strong outdoor curriculum and commitment to the children learning about wonders of Woodland areas. Most recently in March 2018, the school has received the Heritage Award which recognises the curriculum work the school completes around developing children's understanding of the history of their local area.

The school holds Pre-admission's Register of Interest Lists which are predominantly for school use to allow us to look at potential numbers for any given future year group. You can complete our register of interest form at any time – this confirms that you are thinking about a place at Lothersdale Primary School but does not constitute an offer of a place in our Reception class when the time comes for your child to start school. In the October prior to your child starting school the following September, a letter will be sent out to all those registered on our list and this will confirm how to apply for a school place.

All our admissions are dealt with through North Yorkshire County Council and not by the school and although we have a number of children in school from out of the catchment area, admission from outside the catchment area varies year on year and therefore we cannot determine places. Our admission intake for each Reception class is currently 15.

I hope that the information contained in this Prospectus will give you a flavour of the school and help support you in deciding about your child’s education.

Colum Grogan