Lothersdale School Association

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Welcome to Lothersdale Primary School's LSA page!

The aim of the LSA (Lothersdale School Association) is to raise funds to improve the school's facilities and equipment, and to arrange events where staff, parents and others connected to the school can socialise in a fun and relaxed environment.

The LSA is very active, and in the past few years has provided funding for the recent building extension, improvements to the playground, a new library area, transport for school trips, ipads, hobs for cookery classes, fruit for children at break times, school hoodies and a school leavers' disco. The school is only part-funded by central government for most of its projects, and therefore relies heavily on contributions from the LSA.

Parents automatically become members of the LSA when their children enrol at school, and everyone is welcome to come along to meetings to make suggestions and help plan future events. Every year the LSA runs a Christmas Fair and a Town Hall fair in Skipton. Other events have included a cinema night, pancake tea, murder mystery night, quiz night bingo evening and afternoon of magic.

Come along and get involved!

The 2016-2017 Committee

The LSA has a committee made up of five officers (elected for a two-year term), a representative of each year group, and a member of staff. Do come up to us on the playground if you have any questions or ideas!

Chair: Lorna Willoughby

Vice-chair: Laura Sykes

Treasurer: Esther Barrows, Lisa Greenwood

Secretary: Alan Weekes, Sophie Llewellyn Smith

Press Officer: Sally Woodhead

Reception representative: Tace Butterfield, Caroline Parsons, Laura Dixon, Sharon Readshaw

Year 1 representative: Sally Platt

Year 2 representative: Cara Taylor, Amy Cranham

Year 3 representative: Ruth Smith

Year 4 representative: Georgina Lund, Joseph Guest

Year 5 representative: Liz Pierson, Karen Lyell

Year 6 representative: Catherine Kernot

Dates for your diary

Friday, 20th January 2017: cinema night

Tuesday, 28th February 2017: pancake tea

1st April 2017: an afternoon of magic