Online Safety

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At Lothersdale School we work hard to make sure our children are very aware of the need to stay safe online and when using mobile devices, such as phones and games consoles. Each year group has several dedicated lessons throughout the year to teach them about the importance of Online Safety.

We aim to build a repository of information for parents to help them navigate their way through the minefield that is Online Safety.

We will routinely highlight a particular online game or app, which is popular with children, and point parents in the direction of the latest advice. We will be using resources published by National Online Safety - https://nationalonlinesafety.com

Each guide will highlight potential dangers for children as well as giving important safety tips for parents. By following the advice given, and taking time to set restrictions in online platforms, parents can be much more assured that their children are safe onlilne.

Use the links below to find out more, and if you have any concerns or need any advice at all about your child's online safety then please feel free to talk to us.

Please also see the pdf document below called 'Lothersdale Primary online safety 110123' - this is the presentation used by our governor, Al Weekes, when he delivered the excellent and enlightening online saftey talk in school in January 2023. There are several links in the presentation to sites that can help parents navigate the minefiled which is online safety; these links are also in the 'external links' section below.