British science week assembly

The whole school came together on Wednesday 11th March 2020 to show what they have been doing recently in science around the theme 'Our Diverse Planet. 

Class 1 have been looking at how plants and flowers need water to survive and where the water travels in the flower. 

Class 2 have recently looked at how climate change is hurting our planet and effect it has and have created some wonderful art work to go alongside this topic. 

Class 3 worked closely with Mrs Woolley about global warming and ways we could improve our carbon dioxide emissions. 

Class 4 also worked closely with Mrs Woolley to recall their knowledge of forces and how forces are generated around us. 


Mrs Woolley gave a great demonstration of static energy by using the van de Graf generator. Children in Key Stage 2 were able to explain why her hair was sticking out due to the hairs repelling against one another. 


Cover Image