Manchester Museum

What a fantastic day! After an early start, we arrived at the museum at 10am and started our fun filled day. We were split into two groups and enjoyed our time with our museum leaders, Carolyn and Hannah. Each group had a chance to see a real mummy called Asru who was over 3000 years old. Her tomb was found by Manchester architects who brought her back to the UK and found out lots about her. The children used iPads to photograph some of the items that were in her tomb including: canopic jars, shabtis and lots of scarab beetle for protection in the afterlife. 

All the children were lucky enough to hold real artefacts, they had to be really careful and use a detective finger and a crab-like claw to hold and stroke the different objects. Once they have held their artefacts, the children had to decide as a group which one Asru would take to the afterlife with her as her tomb was raided of all her precious items. 

After lunch we had time to spend in the gift shop and some free time in the other galleries. This is where we were able to explore the rocks and fossils section and saw the T-Rex bones. Throughout the museum there are lots of stuffed animals and a baby sperm whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. 

We all had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Once again I would like to say thank you to the parent helpers Mrs Pierson and Mrs Woodhead, I hope you enjoyed yourselves too. Manchester museum is a great place to go and visit especially as it is free entry for the whole family.