Can sound travel through solids?

Following on from last term's science and understanding the properties of solids, liquids and gasses, Class 3 have investigaed if sound can travel through solids. We discussed how the properties of a solid and how the particles are close together and vibrate. As sound travels in waves and is created with vibrations the particles do help sound to travel through solids, liquids and gasses. 

Class 3 created their own string telephone to investigae how sound can travel through solids.

This is what they had to investigate:

Which works better: taut or loose?

This is what they found out:

Taut string is better because when the string is loose it is softer than when it is taut. Soft materials tend to absorb more sound that solid ones; when more sound is being absorbed, your friend on the other end of the line cannot hear as well.

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