Class 1

Class 1 is for our Reception children and is taught by Mrs Bateman with the help of teaching assistant, Mrs Gallagher. 

We have a warm and welcoming classroom and secure outdoor area where our pupils develop as learners, friends and individuals. With a strong focus on belonging and kindness, we develop the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning, which are central to our Early Years curriculum. The children's needs, interests and fascinations all help to shape the education we provide.

A lifelong love of books and reading is our aim for every child, and high quality books enhance our learning on a daily basis. Please see our book list pdf and keep an eye on our Friday News updates to hear about the curriculum we are enjoying.

We now use online Tapestry to inform parents of significant learning, special events for Class 1 and to communicate home-school learning opportunities in the form of practical activities or conversation starters which can be used at home. Parents can send comments back to school via the Tapestry portal.

Now that the children are happy and settled in school, following a successful first term, we are actively discussing learning and memory. The children are learning the phrase, "at Lothersdale we learn pirate fashion, ARRRGH!" This good fun phrase, the associated actions and class display are used to explain how, with regular repetition and over learning, we move knowlegde from working memory, to long term memory where it can be stored and easily retrieved. The children are familiar with the phrase 'thinking brain' (working memory) for the knowlege we are using now, and 'remembering' to retrieve knowledge we have stored.

We are very excited to be learning with the SSP, Rocket Phonics. Please see our phonics page to read more about this and see the attchments at the bottom of this page for recent updates (spring 2022). Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to come into Class 1 and watch our demonstration phonics lessons earlier in the school year. Please get in touch if you would like more support.


Learning to be curious, respectful, caring, proud, motivated, resilient and much, much more - it is our pleasure to be part of this special class.