Reading & Phonics


At Lothersdale School we teach phonics using the Rocket Phonics programme. This DfE validated story-based SSP programme provides a balanced approach, focussing equally on blending for reading, and segmenting for writing and spelling.

Alongside the extensive phonics resources, we use the full Reading Planet reading programme, which is a whole-school solution that ensures every pupil achieves reading success and develops a real love of reading.

Mr Craven delivered an excellent training session for parents in how to help your child to read, using phonics, and his presentation is attached below - 'A strong start to phonics and reading'.

Please see our 'Intent statement' below which sets out our rationale for the way we teach phonics at Lothersdale School. Also attached is the 'Rocket Phonics Glossary' which is a very useful resource for parents to help you navigate the language of phonics, understand the subject more and therefore support your child more effectively at home.

Since the introducion of Rocket Phonics, we have held a number of parents' events in school. Parents have been given a full overview of the phonics programme and an explanation of our rationale and all parents of Reception age children are given the opportunity to come into school to take part in a phonics lesson.