Our School Day

The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm.

8.45am Morning Registration
10.30am Morning Break
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm Afternoon Registration
3.15pm School Day ends
3.15 to 4.15pm          Extended Schools' Activities take place


Morning Registration
Morning registration takes place at 8.45am and all children must be in school at this time.  Members of staff will be on the school playground from 8.40am to direct all children into school ready for registration.  If you arrive at school earlier, please supervise children accordingly until a member of staff is present.  Please note that vehicle access to the school playground is required up until 8.30am and therefore no-one should be on the playground before 8.35am for health and safety reasons.

Morning Playtime
The children have a break from 10.30am to 10.45am 

All children, whether school meals or packed lunch, have lunch in the school hall at 12.15. Lunch is followed by a playtime that ends for all children at 1.15pm. 

Afternoon Playtimes
Reception children have break times, which are flexible during the afternoon. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 do not have a scheduled afternoon playtime, but teachers have the discretion to take their classes out if they feel the children need a break. 

End of the School Day 
Parents are encouraged into the playground from 3.10pm when all lessons finish. This helps us to safeguard the children when they return to the school playground from the playing field, or if they are on the school playground for the last lesson.

Children should be collected promptly at 3.15 pm. If normal arrangements have to be altered e.g. you are delayed or another person is collecting your child, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Collection during the school day: 
No child is allowed out of school during the day unless the Headteacher, Class teacher or School Administrator, receives a written or verbal request from the parent. On these occasions parents must ensure that children are signed in and out of school by a member of staff at the school office.