Geography is an enquiry led subject that seeks answers to fundamental questions such as:

  • Where is this place?
  • What is it like? (And why?) 
  • How and why is it changing?
  • How does this place compare with other places?
  • How and why are places connected?

At Lothersdale Primary School we also believe it is imperative that a geographer doesn’t just answer questions but also asks and debates them to enable the children to ‘know more and remember more’ by questioning and discussing:

  • What could/should the world be like in the future?
  • What can we do to influence change?

As Lothersdale Primary School is in an area of beautiful natural landscapes, this allows the curriculum to be developed through geographical fieldwork to ensure all children gain a strong understanding about the local area. Encouraging children to understand the geography of their local area and to spend time outdoors is also proven to improve mental health. Therefore, the curriculum developed at Lothersdale Primary School enables children to explore, discover and make sense of the world around them by comparing the local area to places further afield thus enabling them to ‘know more and remember more’.

Please find attached below our Geography rationale and progression 'ladder' document.