Viking Trip 11.11.2020

Everybody has enjoyed our school trip to Murton Park to find out more about the Vikings. After the long bus journey, we were met by Ursa (a pretend Viking) who taught us all about the Viking life. We started off by discussing what Miss Gallagher had already taught us and then we learnt lots more facts.

We know that Vikings were: sailors, raiders, traders, settlers, farmers and craftsmen. After a busy talk, we ventured off into the Viking village. In 3 families, we had a mum and a dad and had to complete the daily jobs that Vikings would have done. This included: farming, wood collecting, training to be a guard, pottery and housework. Every task was fun, brilliant and great however we have learnt how hard the Vikings must have worked and it would be sooo tiring.

Class 3 want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work Murton Park put into our day and the best bit was when the Anglo-Saxon started spying on our village so we had to scare him away with lots of shouting “Go away you smelly Saxon!”

We learnt how the Vikings made candles out of clay and they burned animal fat (which would smell horrible).

Trip report written by, Tess, Evie and Spencer

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