Morning! It's all very quiet at Marrick - the children are still asleep at 7:30am, so the adults are creeping around getting themselves up and ready in advance of the big 'wake-up'! All the children were fast asleep by 10:45pm so hopefully will be fully recharged for the day ahead. Breakfast was delicious! On top of cereal and toast we had scrambled eggs, waffles, mushrooms and tomatoes.

More news later.........

So wires have been zipped, walls have been climbed, fields have been orienteered (if that’s a word), towers have been abseiled, faith has been leapt and a good time is being had by all. Even Miss Laycock, Mrs Fawcett and Mrs Hill did the leap of faith (Mrs Smith has done it lots of time before!)

Most importantly, vast quantities of: vegetable soup and garlic bread; ham and cheese pasta, potato wedges, sweetcorn, beetroot and coleslaw, and delicious banoffi pie have been consumed.

This year’s dorm inspection, on the theme of 'All things bright and beautiful', produced dorms of a very high standard. Fantastic displays of lined up slippers and precisely aligned duvets were complimented by groups of singing girls. 'Fussy Fawcett' the Dorm Inspector is currently making up her mind about the winning room - wonder whose it will be??

After the dorm inspection the children are hoping to have time to play bingo or a quiz before bedtime.

It's been another great day, with lots of fun and friendship for all.

Sending more love and hugs home,

From Everyone at Marvellous Marrick! xxx