Bottle top mosaic project - 3.10.17

The bottle top mosaic project is now well underway.  Denisa spent the afternoon with us last week, explaining the designing and making process.  We then considered what Lothersdale School means to us all, each class member representing their ideas pictorially on a mood board.  The designs were then represented by colouring small cirles on a sheet of paper, which enabled us to assess whether it would be practical to re-create the individual designs using bottle tops.  This was far more tricky than we envisaged!    

Denisa returned to school today, having chosen the four design which will be used as inspiration for our class mosaic.  The designs were created by Lily, William O, Megan and Joseph - well done to you all.  

The wooden board has been cut to shape, and groups of children have started to map out the design using bottle tops.