Board Games and Jigsaw club


What a great time the children are having at Board Games and Jigsaw club on a Wednesday morning before school. One of our favourite games to play is Snakes and Ladders although we are enjoying lots of others too!

Joseph, Alfie, Jason and Jacob have learnt how to play Draughts and are now getting very tactical at how to beat their opponent. Isaac and Mille G are loving Isaac's games of 'Pigs in Pants' ~ it really makes them giggle!

Bethan, Millie O and Margot had a great time this week playing a new game that Bethan brought in to play ~ they had to find items in a given time to be able to move their counters forward.

Richard, George and Finlay were really engrossed in Finlay's game  'The Game of Life'.

Mrs Robinson's favourite is 'The Shopping Game' and Millie G and Jacob had a great time playing it together!

Playing board games is a great way to learn how to follow instructions, work cooperatively, think things through and enjoy having fun with your friends! Mrs Robinson will be running the club again in the summer term so if you'd like to get to school early and spend a really enjoyable half an hour playing games with your friends before school starts then this definitely is the club for you!